“A quality education is the most relevant pillar to reduce poverty and inequity in developing countries.”

Accessibility to quality education is extremely rare in developing countries. While the disadvantages that stem from this lack are more than can be listed, the consequential impairment to personal and community development is unquestionable.

“The Vine” (Ecole Privee Le Cep)

A Christian Private School in Petit Goave, Haiti

Foundations For Hope has extended our partnership commitment with “The Vine” through the 2022/2023 school year. We are proud to announce The Vine will be adding fifth grade classes in the fall. This will complete the Pre-k/Primary School, which was founded in 2017. 


The Vine Nutrition Program

Hundreds of millions of children in less developed countries suffer from poor health and nutrition. Children in these areas also complete far fewer years of schooling, and learn less per year of schooling than do children in developed countries. Recent research has shown that poor health and nutrition among children reduces their time in school and their learning during that time. This implies that programs or policies that increase children’s nutrition and health status could also improve their education outcomes.

The 2022-2023 Vine Nutrition Program is currently serving 360 students. The estimated cost is $1.26 per student per day.

Total Funds Needed: $54,000

Meal plans for 360 students for 180 days

Meeting critical needs for approximately $1.26 per student per day

  • 18% 18%

Raised: $9,875    Goal: $54,000

The Vine Nutrition Program 2021-2022

$14,664 of $39,600 raised
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Donation Total: $1,000.00 One Time

The Vine – Ecole Privee Le Cep
Petit Goave, Haiti

Mission & History

The presence of a quality school is a necessity in Petit-Goâve because the country needs schools where holistic education is given. The reference school will be a center where spiritual, social and academic aspects of life are a priority. Our ultimate objective is to create learning and social conditions where Haitians are conscious of the necessity to improve their living conditions by positively impacting their community. 


Kendson’n DANJOU was born in Eau Soline, Petit-Goâve, Haiti, in 1984. He completed his primary education in a Methodist-funded school which was constructed and supported by the men and women of Palmerdale Methodist Church. He studied Applied Linguistics, in Port-au-Prince (the capital of Haiti), as an undergraduate, teaching English, French, and Haitian Creaole as he completed his degree. In the years since, Kendson’n has served as a linguist for the US Embassy, finished a Master’s Degree in French, and served in multiple administrative and educational roles. In 2017, Kendson’n launched Ecolee Privee Le Cap (The Vine), which estimates enrolling 303 students this fall.

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