Church Planting

“We believe that local church leadership is best positioned to minister to their communities in relevant and meaningful ways, and our role is to help provide resources to meet their needs.”

At Foundations for Hope, we believe church planting is the most powerful strategy for advancing the gospel in developing regions. Establishing local churches strengthens discipleship and the long-term stability of an emerging Christian community.

While church planting is at the center of our missional focus, our partnership with local churches has extended in many directions as local leaders have shared about the challenges and opportunities present in their areas.

In the sections below you’ll discover more about out current chuch planting projects as well as the “Kimana Orphan Care” project, which has developed through conversations with  local church partners. We couldn’t be more proud of the work that is being done and hope you’ll join with us as we continue.


2022 East Africa Church Plants

Foundations for Hope is excited to announce we have partnered with the local Agape Fellowship Center to plant 5 churches in 2022! By empowering local leaders to new works, we are confident that the gospel will advance and that new believers will grow into mature believers. 

Each Church plant will include three strategic site surveys, property, chapel construction, 100 bibles, 100 seats, and a sound system.

Strategically placed locations addressing the travel challenges of new believers while granting an audience with those who have not yet come to faith

Construction plans that facilitate greater community interaction and opportunity for continued growth

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Raised: $11,015     Goal: $107,000

2021 East Africa Church Plants

$25,800 of $70,875 raised
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Donation Total: $1,000.00 One Time

2021 Kenyan Agape Fellowship

We are happy to report that funding has been completed and pre-construction services are underway!!!

We will keep you posted on progress and upcoming church planting projects. Thank you!


Kimana Orphan Care Facility 

Foundations for Hope is excited to announce we have partnered with the local “Agape Fellowship Church” to complete phase 3 of the construction. Phase 3 “The final construction phase” is scheduled to complete in Q4 of 2020. Phase 3 construction includes the interior construction fit out for the 5 children’s homes, the kitchen/dining hall and the exterior storage/restroom facility.

Self-sustaining facility (20 acres obtained/ 15 utilized for farming)

The Kimana Orphan Care facility will be home to 60 orphans. 12 per building


Raised: $50,000     Goal: $50,000

Kimana Orphan Care Facility

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have met our fundraising goal!

Kimana Orphan Care Facility History

The late bishop and founder of Agape Fellowship Church, Steve Kabachia, saw the need for an Orphan Care facility in Kimana. His vision was to have a self-sustaining children’s home with electricity, clean water, dining facility, lodging facilities and a farm. Together, the Agape Fellowship Church and Jesus Harvesters were able to acquire 20 acres — 15 of which are dedicated to farming, allowing for the sale of crops to support the children’s home. The exterior shell for the five children’s homes, a kitchen/dining facility, and an exterior restroom/storage building were constructed on the remaining five acres. 

Agape Fellowship Church recently provided The Kimana Orphan Care facility with two solar-powered well pumps.  The two systems not only supply the children with clean drinking water and supply a furrow irrigation system for farming, but also provide a clean water station for the local community.  




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